Power Plant Conversion & Dismantling

Power Plant Conversion may be the best solution for plant operators

There is a growing trend in the utility industry to convert existing coal-fired power plants to burn other fuel types, such as biomass and natural gas. Conversion is being driven by a number of factors, including renewable portfolio standards; federal incentives and looming environmental regulations; consumer demand and environmental awareness. These factors combined with a new economic climate are making coal less attractive. Although conversion costs can be expensive, utilities already have the facilities sited and water supply and transmission lines established. Converting existing facilities can often cost less than installing the emissions control systems required to keep an antiquated coal plant running.

Our partner, NADC, has compiled a portfolio of major power plant conversions. This experience can be beneficial to those facilities that want to convert rather than dismantle or demolish power plants. Contact us for more information.

When it is no longer feasible to modernize and operate a power plant,
decommissioning and dismantling becomes part of a facilities’ life cycle.

Decommissioning of a power plant often presents operators with many challenges. Simply stated, power plants cannot be leveled with typical demolition techniques, as the resulting debris may be contaminated with toxic residues from years of operation and must be disposed of carefully and properly. With this in mind, the level of expertise and experience of the engineers and workers involved in the dismantling process is extremely important.

Once again, NADC has the experience and know how to decommission or dismantle your power plant or facility.